The Making of an Album: David Wax Museum - Knock Knock Get Up

Music Video David Wax Museum
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David Wax Museum recently released their latest full-length album, Knock Knock Get Up. The album follows up 2010’s Everything is Saved, and as we’ve come to expect from David Wax Museum, it features an eclectic mix of Americana, folk, bluegrass and Latin influences led by Suz Slezak and David Wax himself.

Below is a video chronicling the making of Knock Knock Get Up, for which the band braved the frigid temperatures of Parsonsfield, Maine to hunker down in the Great North Sound Society Recording Studio for 22 days earlier this year.

Shot by Anthem Multimedia, the video is a fascinating look behind the scenes of the band’s intimate recording process, providing a glimpse into the members’ cheerful, collaborative dynamic. David Wax Museum is known for playing a donkey’s jawbone on stage, and the video makes it clear this is not a contrived gimmick, but a testament to the band’s innovative spirit. While recording a particular track, producer Sam Kassirer notes that the song needs something more. The band then comes up with the idea to drum the strings of a fiddle with knitting needles. The result is exactly what Kassirer was looking for.

Watch the entire video for yourself below. Below that you will find Knock Knock Get Up’s tracklisting.

Knock Knock Get Up Tracklist

1. Will You Be Sleeping?
2. All Sense of Time
3. Harder Before It Gets Easier
4. A Dog In This Fight
5. Vivian
6. Wondrous Love
7. The Rumors Are True
8. Leopard Girl
9. Big Heart of Yours
10. Refuge