Album Stream: West End Motel - Only Time Can Tell

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Nearly two decades ago, Atlanta’s Tom Cheshire and Brent Hinds formed a friendship that would one day musically evolve into the West End Motel, a project that sees the two creating acoustic-driven, country-twinged tracks with bandmates Mike Shina, Ben Thrower, Stiff Penalty and Will Raines. Since then, they’ve released an acclaimed debut last year in Don’t Shiver, You’re a Winner and now they’re following it up with the eight solid tracks in Only Time Can Tell. The band again recorded at The Living Room in Atlanta with Ed Rawls for the album.

It’s a collection that represents the guys well: It’s got its own defined brand of humor (See: The guys infamously walking out on bar tabs in “El Myr,” an Atlanta burrito joint that they don’t hide their love for), but there’s plenty to be taken seriously here, too, with cuts like “Forgiveness” and lead single “Burn it Down.” For fans of Hinds’ band Mastodon, here’s a chance to hear some of his equally satisfying south-inspired guitar licks.

“I grew up listening to Chet Atkins play guitar, and I grew up listening to Brian Setzer play guitar,” Hinds said. “Jimmy Bryant, Speedy West, all these country-chicken-pickin’flying‘round-the-guitar-neck guitar players. I got really inspired by it. I’m from way down in the country. It was pretty common to have the interests I had when I was that age. MTV had some hair metal on there, but I was more interested in this rockabilly vibe. Stray Cats were really big at the time, in the ‘80s. It was epic.”

Although the album isn’t out until Oct. 30, we’ve got an exclusive first listen of Only Time Can Tell right here. Be sure to check back for an upcoming feature on the band.