Song Premiere: Savoir Adore - “Empire of Light”

Music Audio Savoir Adore
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“Forty-eight hours. No acoustic guitars.” Such were the rules of a bet that put then disheartened solo artists Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro in a studio outside New York City in 2007. The result was The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and The Girl With Animals in Her Throat, the concept-driven EP that led to the emergence of Savoir Adore, now known as one of the most popular fantasy pop duos in Brooklyn’s indie scene.

Following 2009’s release of the full length In the Wooded Forest, Savoir Adore returns with Our Nature, an expansion upon the fantastical world their music seems to create.

Intentionally filled with cleaner recordings, Our Nature seduces its listeners to a separate world inhabited by its creators. “Empire of Light” highlights this quality, complete with beautiful harmonies and touching guitars. A feeling of flight lifts the track from the ground and into a sonic space owned only by Savoir Adore.

Check out “Empire of Light” below.

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