Video Premiere: Joseph Arthur - “Yer Only Job”

Music Video Joseph Arthur
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Joseph Arthur  originally intended for “Yer Only Job” to be a children’s book. However, after revisiting it several times, Arthur sprouted a song out of the material and the result is a beautiful accompaniment to the children’s literature.

The song is a graceful note of advice for children navigating today’s world. For the video, Arthur worked alongside illustrator Gabrielle Tuschak and video animator Sinbad Richardson to form a visually stunning creation. He also wrote the following poem to accompany the video for “Yer Only Job.”

“Yer Only Job” was always meant to be a children’s book but then I turned it into a song
I was reading a kids’ book by Dr. Seuss visiting my nephews
and I realized that a kids story was just a long poem
and I thought
I can do that!
so I wrote my version of a kids’ story
but quickly turned it into a song
I met Gabi in New York though she resides in Austin
and we became friends and stayed in touch
when I saw her drawings I knew I found a perfect match for this kids’ story I had in my pocket
I draw as well but my characters are a bit scarier than Gabi’s, and my goal wasn’t to give kids nightmares
(I save those for adults haha)
so I told Gabi my idea and she said she’d love to do it
pretty quickly after that she had it done
she said she did it on a family vacation that lasted awhile and gave herself the goal of one page per day
we discussed coloring it in
but we decided to leave it black and white to give it a more punk (for lack of a better word) aesthetic
kind of like a kids’ book for indie kids who are parents now
Sinbad who works at the CBP does animations and we had long talked about doing something
and this seemed like the perfect and time
he did an amazing job
again we discussed color and perhaps having it evolve into full color by the end
but this time the conversation went the other way and the folks at the CBP suggested we leave it black and white
I’m glad we didnt touch it!
thank you for premiering it!
much love Joe

Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player The children’s book Yer Only Job is available for preorder through His album, Redemption City will be available Oct. 15 as an expanded edition on iTunes.