Video Premiere: Rupa and the April Fishes - “Metamorphosis”

Music Video
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Director Dagen Merrill has crafted a beautiful video for Rupa and the April Fishes song “Metamorphosis” that can be appreciated by both music lovers and cinephiles alike. The video fabulously mixes footage of original motion picture machines over Rupa’s softly strumming guitar and heartfelt composition.

Arriving in time for the release of their third album, BUILD, the video offers a great taste of what to find on the band’s first collection of songs recorded primarily in English. Drawing influence from global politics and headlines, BUILD is comprised of twelve songs that reflect the fabric of the world from which it was derived.

“Metamorphosis” proceeds at a careful pace, which adds meaning to the lyrics and music, and the heartfelt delivery from which Rupa presents the vocals resonates throughout.

Check out the video for “Metamorphosis” below and be sure to pick up BUILD out now.