Song Premiere: Taddy Porter - "Fever"

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Oklahoma rock group Taddy Porter has just announced the Feb. 26 release of their sophomore album, Stay Golden.

Songwriting for the album was a collaborative effort that allowed the band to dwell separately on what they wanted the record to be.

“If I’ve learned anything, it’s that if you have a good idea and you have another good idea just put them together,” said lead singer Andy Brewer. “Even if they sound funny together at first, there is always a way to turn two cool parts into one song.”

Brewer said that the album was recorded fairly quickly compared to what he was expecting when the guys arrived in Nashville, but that the product captured just the raw sound the band was looking for.

“So many albums now are over-thought. They’re overproduced,” said Brewer. He explained that the quick turnaround held on to the the band’s true sound.

“You grab ahold of those really sparse opportunities to pick out a song and to work it while it’s still fresh. You don’t over-think it and you don’t overdo it, and it just comes out real fast and it’s real organic.”

Check out the Paste premiere of the first single on the album, “Fever,” in the player below.

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