Song Premiere: John Roderick & Jonathan Coulton - "The Week In Between" and "2600"

Music Audio John Roderick
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Though it may seem like most holiday releases are nothing but easy cash grabs by the Justin Biebers of the world, there are plenty of commendable collections of Christmas songs released every year. One that we’re most excited for this year is One Christmas At A Time, a collaborative effort by John Roderick of The Long Winters and singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton.

One Christmas At A Time features 10 original Christmas songs by Roderick and Coulton. The duo originally set out to make a covers album but, uninspired by the standard holiday fare, ended up writing their own tunes. They are releasing the album independently on Nov. 15, but you can stream two tracks from the album here. Listen to “The Week In Between” and “2600” below.

For more information and to pre-order the album, click here.