Video Premiere: Plume Giant - “We Got It Made”

Music Video Plume Giant
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Coming together on the campus of Yale University, the members of Plume Giant have been crafting a striking blend of ‘60s influenced folk tunes with a dash of humorous sensibilities since they first met. Oliver Hill, Nolan Green and Eliza Bagg provide a refreshingly optimistic voice to a world constantly caught up in dismal headlines.

The video for “We Got It Made” is a blend of animation and live action that captures the band truly at home in the great outdoors. In a perfect representation of their music, several onlookers can’t help but be swept up in the excitement as the band passes by.

Plume Giant shares all songwriting duties as a unit and it shows in their music as well as their interactions with one another. Check out “We Got It Made” below.

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