Video Premiere: Erin McKeown - "Proof"

Music Video Erin McKeown
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Singer-songwriter Erin McKeown is back with her seventh studio album Manifestra, and to celebrate the album’s release today she has also released the official video for her song “Proof.”

The video is a visual anomale featuring a fresh-faced McKeown amid a stark background and covered in paint. As McKeown sings the lyrics to the track, the paint appears to be moving backwards, dripping up and off of McKeown. It’s a visual representation of the the stain of a relationship being lifted off of McKeown’s shoulders.

You can watch the video exclusively below, and if you’re intrigued about the paint effects, you’ll find a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the music video for “Proof” in the player at the bottom of the page. Watch as McKeown talks about the “paint” they used and the challenge of learning her song backwards.

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