Video Premiere: Roadkill Ghost Choir - "Bird in My Window"

Music Video Roadkill Ghost Choir
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Roadkill Ghost Choir has that kind of bluegrass-tinged harmony that feels familiar before you’ve even heard a track. For Jaime Margary, the animator behind the music video for their track “Bird in My Window,” that sentiment rang particularly true.

“The song was often sung by a roommate of mine,” said Margary. “Often enough that it got stuck in my head before ever hearing the actual song.”

Some time later, Margary was going through a difficult time and found the song stuck in his head. This time, a visual came to mind.

“Since the visual was attached to the song, it had to be a music video, and I wanted the band’s blessings,” Margary said. “Several months later we all sat down and I showed them what I had. We made it the official video that day.”

The video is composed of over nine months of work and includes illustrations, watercolor paintings, digital animation, and more edited together by Margary.

Watch the video in the player below.