Song Premiere: Young Summer - "Fever Dream"

Music Audio Young Summer
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A “creative calling.” That’s what Nashville singer/songwriter Trent Dabbs calls collaborating with D.C. singer Bobbie Allen (Young Summer) on her music.

It’s an apt phrase, as with the release of Young Summer’s newest single, “Fever Dream” shows. Young Summer’s voice, an alto compared to that of Sarah McLachlan and Florence Welch, echoes a particularly ethereal quality associated with callings, destiny and fate. Smooth, soulful and bluesy, her voice is light but is strong enough to carry heavy lyrics.

And her lyrics are heavy for a reason

“It’s extremely honest music,” Allen explains. “It really is no-holds-barred in its honesty. It feels that way when you hear it because that concept is very deliberate. That’s the thread that brings all of the songs together and makes them related. It all comes from a very sincere and honest place. If you compare the songs individually, there is a distinct dynamic present throughout the record, but they’re tied together by their honesty.”

Young Summer’s single, “Fever Dream” will available on iTunes March 5. Until then you can listen to the track below.