Paste's Riverview Sessions in Austin, Texas: Night Beds

Music Video Night Beds
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South by Southwest can be somewhat of a whirlwind. With a multitude of artists rolling into town and playing music just about any place and any time you can imagine, the constant motion can make even the most ardent music-lover feel rushed and frantic.

But away from the abundant sounds of the downtown scene, we at Paste were fortunate enough to have some top-notch talent take a break from the chaos and join us for some private sessions in our own backyard. The first installment in these Riverview Sessions features Night Beds, the Paste Best of What’s Next act that features the musical stylings of songwriter Winston Yellen. Watch this stripped-down performance of a cover of Broken Social Scene’s “Lover’s Spit” that ultimately fades into Night Beds ‘track “22.”

Directed by Peter Lockhart, Edited by Bill Antonucci, Audio by Michael Saltsman, Lighting by Brad Wagner