Song Premiere: The Wilderness of Manitoba- "A Year In Its Passing"

Music Audio The Wilderness of Manitoba
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With its forthcoming EP The Leslieville Sessions, The Wilderness of Manitoba has moved a bit from its folksy roots but promises that the newest record still reflects the identity of the Toronto-based band.

“There are elements of folk happening throughout the EP, but it is in no way a folk record; although, it is definitely a Wilderness of Manitoba record,” vocalist/ multi-instrumentalist Will Whitwham said in a description of the forthcoming EP.

“A Year In Its Passing,” a track from the The Leslieville Sessions, is an example of the kind of stylistic changes The Wilderness of Manitoba has made and experimented with since its previous albums: the prominence of duo lead vocals and a slightly classic rock edge to its sound. Kind of like Blue Öyster Cult but folksier.

2013 is proving to be a busy year for The Wilderness of Manitoba as the release of The Leslieville Sessions is slated for an April 9th release in the U.S. and the band is a returning performer at this year’s SXSW.

You can listen to The Wilderness of Manitoba’s newest track, “A Year In Its Passing” below.