Press Record with Paul Kolderie and Ed Ackerson: Episode Two - Communicating with Artists

Music Video
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Recording music is a delicate process, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get a great sound. With the right technique, you can get the same sound recording from home as you would from a studio.

To find that technique, Paste teamed up with Orange Amps to get recording advice from two industry pros. The first, Paul Kolderie, has likely made his way into most music lovers’ record collections several times over by recording albums for The Pixies, Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr. and countless other industry giants. Ed Ackerson is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who owns and operates Flowers Studio in Minneapolis and has produced albums from bands like The Jayhawks, Joseph Arthur, The Replacements and Motion City Soundtrack.

In the first installment, Kolderie and Ackerson covered recording guitar from home. Watch the second episode of Press Record, and get a few tips from Kolderie and Ackerson on communicating during the recording process.