Album Stream: Soundtrack - Kings of Summer

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Kings of Summer, a film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts that won much critical acclaim at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is about three teenagers who decide to live off the land and build a house in the middle of the woods.

The soundtrack for the movie is set for release on May 28, and features a melody composed by Guster’s Ryan Miller along with hip-top tracks by Kevin Writer and Douglas James.

Vogt-Roberts and Miller modeled the melody after the 8-bit esque melodies of Koji Kondo, which provided the music for classic Nintendo video games like Zelda and Donkey Kong.

“The idea was that if kids from this generation were running away into the woods, the closest experience they could draw upon would be playing an adventurous videogame,” says Vogt-Roberts in the soundtrack’s liner notes. “So the sounds that are guiding an audience should reflect that.”

Listen to the soundtrack for Kings of Summer in the player below before its release on May 28.

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