Paste's Poolside Sessions in Los Angeles: The Colourist

Music Video Los Angeles
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Coachella  Valley Music & Arts Festival is one of the biggest live music events in the country, growing so large that in recent years the festival has expanded to two weekends of genre-crossing musical innovation and constant surprises.

While Paste was out in California for the festival, we were able to catch some relaxing sessions by the pool with some of our favorite festival artists. When we met up with The Colourist, the band’s rendition of “Yes Yes” fit well with the warm California backdrop, perhaps because of the track’s So-Cal origins.

“We’d had the idea for “Yes Yes” since the band started,” drummer Maya Tuttle said in a recent press release. “We knew a friend’s relationship was near the breaking point because of a third wheel that was trying to break the two up by throwing lies into the mix. While in the studio in LA, Adam came up with an upbeat idea for the base of the song, then the four of us hunkered down and completed it. It’s about not falling for the illusion that another person can fix all of your problems.”

Watch The Colourist perform “Yes Yes” for Paste’s Poolside Sessions in Los Angeles.

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