Video Premiere: Bhi Bhiman - "Walk of Life"

Music Video Bhi Bhiman
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Folk musician Bhi Bhiman has been celebrated for his own songwriting, but as a special treat for fans the guitarist will be releasing a covers EP entitled Substitute Preacher later this month.

“The inspiration to do this covers record came from one song. It was ‘Walk of Life,’ by Dire Straits. I knew the song since being a kid, and I’ve always thought of it as Mark Knopfler’s nod to Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B. Goode,’” Bhiman said in the liner notes. “The song really rings true with me because, in a way, its my story too. So I started doing a live version, in a country blues style with the audience whistling along, and it became a highlight of my shows.”

In anticipation of the EP release, Bhiman has taken this familiar tune and paired it with the familiar images of Buster Keaton for a video that’s as uniquely his own as the cover itself. Check out the video for “Walk of Life” below, and see why Bhiman’s unique take on the track has resonated so deeply with his audiences. Look out for his covers EP, Substitude Preacher, due out May 14.