Video Premiere: Royal Forest - "Everyone Who Knows You"

Music Video Royal Forest
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Royal Forest has officially taken the idea of live field recordings to new heights—or should we say depths? The Austin-based band boarded the USS Cavalla Submarine to record their song “Everyone Who Knows You,” and although the WWII-era submarine wasn’t submerged, the result is still something special.

The band recorded the song and captured the process on camera in just three hours with two microphones. The video documents the process involved and the flexibility and innovation it takes to work in such a unique space.

“Capturing the sounds of this weird, boxy, metallic space was our main interest—-for example, we set a guitar amp in a torpedo tube to maximize reverb,” said band member Cody Ground.

Royal Forest’s latest album, Spillway, is slated for release on July 9 via King Electric Company, but you can check out the video for “Everyone Who Knows You” in the player below.

Royal Forest – Everyone Who Knows You (recorded live in the USS Cavalla Submarine) from Royal Forest on Vimeo.

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