Video Premiere: The Kickback - "Please Hurt"

Music Video The Kickback
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The Kickback is a Chicago-based band (originally from South Dakota) made up of Billy Yost, Danny Yost, Eamonn Donnelly andJonny Ifergan. The quartet has already seen a fair amount of critical acclaim, but they’ve got quite a lot to anticipate this year, too. This summer, The Kickback will be traveling to Austin, Texas to record their next LP with the help of Spoon’s Jim Eno.

“When we found out that Jim Eno from Spoon (and a bunch of awesome records he’s produced and engineered) liked our demos and was into making our album, I went straight back to age 7 in the car with Mom,” says Billy in the band’s Kickstarter page. “One of my heroes wants to help make our album.”

The band recently performed “Please Hurt” for a cable access station in Elmhurst, Ill. Check out the video in the player below, and be sure to stop by their Kickstarter page to support the production of The Kickback’s forthcoming album Sorry All Over The Place.

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