Video Premiere: Willy Mason - "Talk Me Down"

Music Video Willy Mason
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Singer-songwriter Willy Mason is slated to release his album Carry On in the U.S. next month, and in anticipation of the album has released a charming video for his track “Talk Me Down.”

“To me, ‘Talk Me Down’ counjours a musical climate, a subtle exotic sound that bookends the track and sets a unique mood throughout the song,” said Toby Ashenheim, the video’s director. “We had no previous experience with animation, but wanted to create a seperate world to accompany the song, so we decided to take it as it comes.”

Fans can see the way that the idea came together in the video.

“Visual ideas came quickly, mixing a jungle setting with an earthy tactile look that suited the tone,” said Ashenheim. “The aesthetic was born largely out of necessity. Using paper puppets and cut outs, we figured a way to build the world and tell the story that echoes the song. ”

Watch the video for “Talk Me Down” in the player below, and look out for Carry On, out on Aug. 20.