Video Premiere: Yellowbirds - "Mean Maybe"

Music Video Yellowbirds
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Brooklyn-based band Yellowbirds recently released Songs from the Vanished Frontier, but the band isn’t done giving fans new content creatively. Band member Sam Cohen teamed up with with photographer (and wife) Sarah Lynn Graves to produce a video for the album’s track “Mean Maybe.”

The video was shot on handcranked 35mm Lokomino camera, and you can see the unique look that the camera produced.

“I love how obviously analog the footage is,” said Graves. “Its rough edges and imperfections come from how primitive the camera is itself, giving it a look that reminds me of old polaroids, overly dubbed VHS tapes and Super 8 home movies.”

Cohen agrees that this was the right visual for the song.

“I’d always imagined the video for ‘Mean Maybe’ having some sort of elaborate betrayal and, despite having no budget, a cinematic quality,” said Cohen. “We wanted to tell a story of intrigue and espionage in two and a half minutes, so it’s just a little tale of a Gene-Hackman-esque spy mastermind screwing over his accomplices, and I love the way it relates to the lyrics.”

Watch the video for “Mean Maybe” in the player below. You can read more about the Yellowbirds in this week’s issue of PASTE.COM, and purchase Songs from the Vanished Frontier here.