Paste Live Sessions NYC: Swear and Shake

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<i>Paste</i> Live Sessions NYC: Swear and Shake

Brooklyn band Swear and Shake originated on the SUNY campus, where members Adam McHeffey and Kari Spieler would often perform around campus separately. The two didn’t collaborate until their senior year, when they recorded a demo together in Spieler’s bedroom. After circulating the recording around campus, they caught the ears of a few other talented musicians, recorded their first EP and began playing dates as Swear and Shake.

With their more recent appearances being at festivals like Shaky Knees and Governors Ball, it’s clear that the band thrives in a live setting. We decided to see the four-piece perform for ourselves, taking to our favorite Brooklyn rooftop for a few tunes. Our friends at Warby Parker even provided the perfect shades for the sunny day.

Watch Swear and Shake perform “These White Walls” live in New York, and scroll to the bottom of the page to check out some photos of the band in their Warby Parker glasses.

Directed by Peter Lockhart
Edited by Bill Antonucci
Audio by Bob Mallory
Cameras by Brad Wagner, Peter Lockhart, Bill Antonucci
Lighting by Brad Wagner