Song Premiere: Tedo Stone - "Big As The Ocean"

Music Audio Tedo Stone
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Tedo Stone’s listed influences range from John Prine to David Bowie, and surely his unlisted influences are even more varied. One would think juggling such diverse inspirations might create a disjointed and inconsistent sound, but that’s not the case with Stone.

His music infuses alt-country and rock with elements of psychedelic, electronic and indie rock. Any given song may be based around a fuzzed out guitar line, a swelling synth, or a mellow acoustic guitar, but Stone’s echoey vocals and catchy melodies always tie everything together.

Stone and his band released a well-received EP last year and followed up with the release of his first full length, Good Go Bad, earlier this month. Check out Tedo Stone’s catchy single “Big As The Ocean” from Good Go Bad in the player below.

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