Video Premiere: Sam Phillips - "Going"

Music Video Sam Phillips
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Acclaimed singer-songwriter Sam Phillips has given fans plenty to feast upon this week with Push Any Button, her first physical release since Don’t Do Anything in 2008. Recorded in Los Angeles, where Phillips is based, the album features instrumentals from a variety of top-notch L.A.. musicians.

”“I like working in the city I was born in because there are fewer distractions,” said Phillips in a recent press release. “To me traveling is a great inspiration for writing, but I’d rather be at home to record. Though I love working in the great studios in Hollywood (and hope to do so again) working in a space where we were ‘off the clock’ was also fun. Unless one has a huge budget, you have to be prepared when you go into the studio. I liked writing a song or two, recording it, and sometimes re-recording it over a couple of years, as opposed to rehearsing a collection of songs and only having a week in the studio to record.”

Now, to top off a critically successful release week, Phillips has released a video for her track “Going.”

“This video was filmed with a drone,” said Phillips. “It is from the singer’s point of view, if she could fly. The crash landing is very show biz: what goes up must come down.”

Check out the video for “Gone” in the player below.