Video Premiere: Soft White Sixties - "City Lights"

Music Video
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Ever since the Soft White Sixties blew us away with their live performance at South By Southwest, we’ve kept an eye out for new content from this San Francisco band. Now, the group has released a video for “City Lights” of their forthcoming LP Get Right.

“Lyrically, it’s about being out late and denying the fact that you should probably be going home,” said band frontman Octavio Genera. “This is one of the first songs we wrote that set the tone for the record.”

The video is an interesting introduction to the band, who is set to release their debut full-length in the coming months.

“Our guitar/keys player, Aaron, produced and directed this one and the concept was really just to make some weird stuff to look at,” said band member Aaron Eisenburg. “Pretty much every music video is ridiculous in some way so we just wanted to embrace the ridiculousness by having a few drinks, lighting some shit on fire, and throwing handfuls of white powder at each other.”

Join the band in embracing the ridiculousness by watching their video in the player below.

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