Song Premiere: Kim Taylor - "Like A Woman Can"

Music Audio Kim Taylor
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Singer-songwriter Kim Taylor has continuously expanded her reach since beginning a music career, sharing stages with the likes of Kris Kristofferson and Ben Sollee and even acting in indie film I Used To Be Darker. Now, Taylor is debuting content from her forthcoming release Love’s A Dog.

“Being a human is complicated, being a man is complicated, being a woman is really complicated and everyone wants to judge and offer simplistic answers to enormously complex questions,” says Taylor. “As a woman, I often feel my own struggle and fight to be heard, to be taken seriously, to be given the time. It’s rampant in the music industry, but its rampant everywhere. I owned a coffee house for eight years, selling it three years ago to pursue music full-time, and back then everyone always assumed that my male manager was the owner.”

In response to these experiences, Taylor penned “Like A Woman Can.”

“It’s a hopeful, marchy, protest song for myself, for all American women, all Afghan women, all Pakistan women, all women everywhere, religious, non-religious, gay, straight, whatever,” says Taylor. “Don’t judge us by our gender, our size. Quit saying that we’re not good in leadership positions because we’re ‘too emotional.’ I’m ready for a woman president, aren’t you?”

Listen to Taylor’s “Like A Woman Can” in the player below. Love’s A Dog is set for release on Oct. 8.

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