Video Premiere: The Ocean Blue - "Ground Gives Way"

Music Video
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The Ocean Blue has been making music for over two decades, most recently releasing their latest full length Ultramarine on Korda Records in March.

“We are using gear and technology on the recording side that for the most part didn’t exist when the band was making big budget studio records in the 90s,” said drummer Peter Anderson in a statement about the album’s release. “It’s allowed us to do a lot of things we’d never been able to do years ago, all at a much cheaper cost. We also have the ability to connect with people directly via the Web that wasn’t really there when we did our last release.”

Now, the band has produced a music video for another track on the record, “Ground Gives Way.” The video features live performance footage along with some futuristic images of outer space.

Check out the video for “Ground Gives Way” in the player below.

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