Album Stream: David Berkeley - Lincoln Center Live

Music Audio David Berkeley
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A performance from David Berkeley is always an intimate and contemplative one, rich with vivid lyrics and passionate yet understated vocals. Despite his studio albums’ success, there’s something particularly special about hearing the singer-songwriter’s work performed live, and fortunately for those new to Berkeley’s sound they don’t have to wait for him to roll through town to experience it. Berkeley is set to release Lincoln Center Live, a seven-song EP recorded at Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein Atrium in 2012.

“This was a special show for me,” said Berkeley. “Obviously it was incredible to get to play in any part of Lincoln Center. But this concert was also performed shortly after Newtown and Sandy, and so I could feel the need both for healing and maybe for diversion in the room. I think there was an openness in the crowd that isn’t always there, and that allows the music to get in a little deeper than it often can,” Berkeley said. “That’s always the goal for me as a performer. That’s largely why I write songs.”

Berkeley has released only one other live album in his expansive career and Lincoln Center Live is a great way to expose listeners to the way his music has evolved in sound.

“Lately I’ve been performing as a duo with my wizard of a guitarist, Bill Titus. He helps to create a web of sound that cradles my vocals,” said Berkeley. “I’m excited for people who weren’t at Lincoln Center that night or who haven’t seen us perform in this configuration to get a chance to hear what Bill does.”

Listen to Lincoln Center Live in its entirety in the player below. A portion of the proceeds from the EP will go towards the Robin Hood Foundation to fight the effects of poverty in New York City.