Live from Newport Folk 2013: Spirit Family Reunion

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For the third year in a row, Paste partnered with our friends at Sennheiser to travel to Newport Folk Festival and capture unplugged performances from a variety of festival artists in a setting where fans could come be a part of the session. Even though there was music all around us, fans who showed up for the sessions were able to hear the performances clearly thanks to Sennheiser, whose wireless headphones made an appearance once again and allowed viewers to hear each song as if they were just inches away from the performance.

One of the more unique draws for Newport Folk is the fact that in many cases, artists return to the festival multiple times as their careers continue to blossom. Fortunately for Paste (and the drove of fans who showed up at the Ruins), this year Spirit Family Reunion returned for another year after a characteristically rowdy appearance last year. The band showed up once again, and you can watch their excellent performance of “All The Way Back Home” in the player below.

Produced by Peter Lockhart
Directed by Bill Antonucci
Cameras by Bill Antonucci, Zachary Philyaw, Brad Wagner
Audio by Bob Mallory
Lighting by Brad Wagner