Song Premiere: The Blank Tapes - "No Gifts This Xmas"

Music Audio The Blank Tapes
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The Blank Tapes may have cornered the market on summer jams, providing the perfect soundtrack for sunny days with Vacation, matching the tunes with refreshing visuals. But don’t count The Blank Tapes out just because the cold weather’s creeping in: Matt Adams and the band have recorded a unique Christmas tune to warm those of us who aren’t lucky enough to reside in sunny Los Angeles.

”’No Gifts This Xmas’ was written around Christmas time of last year, and recorded on a brutally hot summer day at Joe Napolitano’s East Los Angeles home studio,” said Adams. “I was stoked to use some unusual instruments on the recording, like the celeste & tubular bells.”

Listen to “No Gifts This Xmas” in the player below.

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