Video Premiere: Megan Keely - "Just Enough Time"

Music Video
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San Francisco singer-songwriter Megan Keely may have recorded her latest effort, Deciduous, in Nashville, but the video for album track “Just Enough Time” distinctly highlights the city she calls home.

The video’s aesthetic was inspired largely by Viracocha, a storefront that also serves as a venue and art space. The store’s involvement was essential in the construction of a concept for the video’s setting.

“We used the store as an inspiration for production designer Margaux’s exquisite, skeletal set. The folks behind the store, Jon and Charlie, offered us their time, their materials, and their labor,” said Lee. “The experience was so memorable and sweet that, when a freak technical accident forced us to re-shoot the entire video, almost everyone returned, some bringing friends, to sweat through the re-do.”

Lee’s connection with the song went back to the first time he heard Keely sing it.

“When Megan sang this song a cappella for me in a car late last year, I was especially moved,” said director Pete Lee. “Right away I told her I wanted to make a music video for it, so earlier this summer my team and I went to work. We were determined to reflect the comfort I found in the song, and sought to create a 360 degree set that could augment but, at the right moments, also hide all the performance and visual tricks we set out to capture.”

Watch the exquisite video for Keely’s track “Just Enough Time” in the player below.

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