Video Premiere: Swear and Shake - "Fire"

Music Video Swear And Shake
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When we first met up with Brooklyn band Swear and Shake, it was on a rooftop right in their neighborhood for our Paste Live Sessions. Now, the band has released a video for latest single “Fire,” and the setting is certainly something a little more exotic. Created and conceptualized by Michael Oshins, the animated video pairs the band’s latest single with visual fantasy, and features band members in what looks almost like a pop-up storybook.

“Although Michael had done his best to explain his concept to us, we really had no idea what the video would look like,” said drummer Benny Goldstein. “The photographs of Swear and Shake you see in the video took place in costume and in front of a green screen. Michael would be ten feet in the air on a ladder and say, ‘Now imagine you’re on a pirate ship and you’re watching Kari blast off towards the moon in a rocket.’”

You get a real feel for this playful atmosphere watching the video, and it’s clear that Oshins has a firm command of the creative tools used to render the final product.

“When we first watched the video, we were in Miami on tour, crowded around a laptop. It was an intense moment for all four of us,” said Goldstein. “We kept on laughing and shouting because of how beautiful Michael’s work was, and I may have teared up near the end. Okay, I teared up near the end. Personally, Michael made me fall in love with a song of ours that I had already loved for a long time.”

Watch the video for “Fire” in the player below.