Album Stream: Vinyl Thief - Stop Motion EP

Music Audio Vinyl Thief
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Nashville’s Vinyl Thief hasn’t seemed to let up since the release of debut album Rebel Hill in 2012, taking their unforgettable live performances on the road and leaving their mark on venues all over the country. It makes sense that their chemistry with one another musically is well-honed: the guys actually grew up playing music together.

“The four of us taught each other how to play music,” said lead singer Grayson Proctor. “We turned an old church sanctuary into our own base camp, and we would get together almost every day and learn how to play, perform, and write. There was a while where we were at the sanctuary more than we were our own homes. It was all we wanted to do.”

Now, the band is back with new EP Stop Motion, set for release next week.

“The inspiration behind these songs on the EP is an escape,” said Proctor. “We tend to run away from things we don’t want to deal with. We have to really force ourselves to slow down and see the bigger picture.”

Listen to Stop Motion EP in its entirety in the player below. The EP is set for release on Feb. 4.