Song Premiere: Black Prairie - "Let It Out"

Music Video Black Prairie
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In 2007, Chris Funk gathered local musicians together to write and play music. Bringing in fellow members of the Decemberists – Nate Query, Jenny Conlee, and John Moen – along with Annalissa Tornfelt, Jon Neufeld, this eclectic group of musicians from Portland, Oregon had plans to jam simply for fun.

But an undeniable chemistry quickly revealed itself as ideas began to spark, and by 2013 the was constantly touring, breaking out everywhere from Bonnaroo to the Oregon Symphony Orchestra and late-night TV. Releasing A Tear in the Eye Is a Wound in the Heart in 2012 and Wild Ones in 2013, the band showcased their unique tastes and mixed repetoire.

This fierce group often mixes different genres to create something new. While they look like any other bluegrass/folk band, they create music that continues to evolve.

Fortune is their third full-length album, and is set for release on April 22. The record showcases their growth from a casual side-project to a true primary focus.

“Making this record was the most collaborative and magical thing,” said Funk. “I’m excited to play these songs live.”

Check out their latest track, “Let It Out,” in the player below.

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