Video Premiere: Matt Corby - "Trick of the Light"

Music Video Matt Corby
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Australian-born singer-songwriter Matt Corby has released his Live on the Resolution Tour EP, a collection of five tracks recorded during Corby’s recent sold-out Australian tour.

Including new inventive track “Trick Of The Light” as well as a cover of “Almost Cut My Hair” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, this release is simply another soulful portrayal of Corby’s powerful vocals and melodic folk-rock.

Corby’s music is raw, effortlessly reaching the soul as he often embraces heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics. A more amped-up, electric side of Corby is seen in “Trick Of The Light,” with sounds similar to his early hit single “Brother.” Corby’s growling vocals and blues-drenched melodies are ever-present, as he successfully blends the two to create something intricate and unique.

The musician’s breakout EP Into The Flame, was released in 2011. Already an established musician at home, Corby is now winning over the hearts of many in the UK and US. First winning ARIA ‘Song of the Year’ for the lead single, Brother, off his debut EP, Corby has again earned accolades for the new EP, ‘Resolution.’ 2013’s ‘Resolution’ release saw Corby’s name on iTunes top 10 charts for the UK, Sweden, New Zealand, and Australia.

Corby’s Live on the Resolution Tour EP is now available on iTunes. and can be listened to via SoundCloud. Be sure to check out the exclusive video below for Corby’s “Trick of The Light.”

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