Live from Newport Folk 2013: Hey Marseilles

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For the third year in a row, Paste partnered with our friends at Sennheiser to travel to Newport Folk Festival and capture one-of-a-kind live performances in an intimate setting where fans could be a part of the performance. Fans who stopped by the Paste Ruins were able to hear the sessions as they were recorded, and thanks to wireless headphones provided by Sennheiser the sound was as clear as if the audience was right on stage.

We’d gotten wind of Hey Marseilles and their memorable melodies a few years back on Travels and Trunks, and the band met our sky-high expectations when they arrived for their session at the Ruins. Check out Hey Marseilles performing “Rio” in the player below.

Produced by Peter Lockhart / Directed by Bill Antonucci / Cameras by Bill Antonucci, Zachary Philyaw, Brad Wagner / Audio by Bob Mallory / Lighting by Brad Wagner