Song Premiere: Macedo - "17"

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Twin sisters Michelle and Melissa Macedo have spent their entire lives collaborating in one form or another, their lifetime of musical partnership is finally being released to the public in the form of their forthcoming EP Paper Doll. The sisters may look alike, but that’s where the similarities end: each brought her own personality to their work, the result is a lesson in duality and teamwork (and a damn nice sounding one, at that). One stand-out single from Paper Doll is “17,” a song about sacrifice in relationships.

“What we really were trying to capture in this song was an honest sense of pure vulnerability,” said Macedo. “All of our songs are based on reality and real people in our lives so we just try to illuminate all the complex feelings that go along with that.”

Listen to “17” in the player below. Paper Doll is out today.

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