Video Premiere: Biblical - "All Justice, No Peace"

Music Video
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Biblical – “All Justice No Peace” from Eva Michon on Vimeo.

Toronto quartet Biblical has had a busy month with the March 11 release of latest album Monsoon Season, and now the band is topping it off with a music video for album track “All Justice No Peace.”

“The lyrical content of the song includes references to punishment, death by hanging, someone being brought to justice,” said the video’s director, Eva Michon. “I thought of ceremonial killing rituals and began to piece a storyline together which we could should in a simple way, in our current (or recent) era. Making it an amateur video lends itself to a creepy/snuffy tone but at the same time, we were able to keep some humor intact so that people knew we weren’t actually going to kill anyone.”

”“More than anything, it’s a song about juxtaposition,” added bassist Nick Sewell. “We wanted to contrast spacey, syncopated verses with bombastic, sloppy choruses. Hand in hand with that, the lyrics move between the thoughts of a condemned man pacing a small cell and a ravenous crowd, eager for a public execution. It’s about how dread and delight are frequently two sides of the same coin.”

“I think the audience is in on the joke,” said Michon. “Max McCabe-Lokos was an excellent victim.”

Check out the video above.