Album Stream: Frances Cone - Frances Cone EP

Music Audio Frances Cone
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Frances Cone  may sound like the name of a person—in all likelihood, it probably is the name of a person, somewhere—but the Frances Cone that’s currently got Paste smitten is a Brooklyn-based three-piece comprised of vocalist and keyboard player Christina Cone, guitarist Jeff Malinowski and bassist Andrew Doherty. The band, who first caught our ear with their Daytrotter session and recently impressed at South by Southwest, is set to release their self-titled EP next week. The songs were recorded in Nashville with Josh Kaler.

“A couple of the songs were already pretty realized upon entering the studio, and the rest were built more like an art project, layer upon layer, which is my favorite way to do things,” said Cone about the recording process. “There’s something so exciting about watching something come to life in the studio and then figuring out how to translate that world in a live setting. I love it. I think thematically we touch on some heavier subjects but I always hope to make what can seem so terrible and fleeting about life a little lighter or comforting musically.”

Listen to the EP in the player above. Frances Cone EP is set for release on April 29.

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