Album Stream: JOE - The Soundtrack

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JOE, the latest film from director David Gordon Green, is based on the novel by Larry Brown and features Nicolas Cage as an ex-con who becomes the unlikely friend of a young boy. The film was scored by David Wingo (Take Shelter, Mud) and Jeff McIlwain (Mud, The Sitter), two long-time friends of Green.

“I’ve known David Wingo and Jeff McIlwain since we were kids,” said Green. “Growing up together in Dallas, Texas and having the short hand of speaking a similar creative and technical language really helped us take a chance with the music for Joe. We didn’t want to walk the obvious path. We didn’t want to obey any regional tradition. We wanted the tone of our film to have a pulse of its own and we needed the trust that comes with knowing someone you’re working with so well.”

Featuring contributions from Explosions in the Sky and Ryan Bingham, the soundtrack for JOE is set for release on April 8, and is available for iTunes preorder. Listen to the soundtrack in its entirety in the player above.