Album Stream: The Apache Relay - The Apache Relay

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Nashville band The Apache Relay has come a long way since their humble beginnings in vocalist Michael Ford, Jr.’s Belmont dorm room. They impressed on their 2009 debut 1988, but the real momentum picked up with 2011’s American Nomad, which won the band slots opening for Mumford & Sons and appearing at renowned festivals like Newport Folk.

On this latest effort, long-time fans will notice fuller instrumentals and an evolution in songwriting, brought about in part by producer Kevin Augunas. Stepping out of their Southern comfort zone and into the studio at Fairfax Recordings (formerly the renowned Sound City) in California, the group went into the recording process with the intention of trying out new sounds and engineering pop songs that remained true to their voice.

“We were in a new town, new studio, writing songs outside of the band with new people,” Ford said in a recent press statement. “Everything felt foreign. But that’s exactly what we wanted.”

Listen to The Apache Relay in its entirety in the player above. The album is set for release on April 22, and is available for preorder via iTunes and Amazon.