Video Premiere: Megan Bonnell - "Not Dark Yet" (Bob Dylan Cover)

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Megan Bonnell, the singer-songwriter whose debut full-length was released late last year, is recording music once again. This time, though, Bonnell borrowed a tune from Bob Dylan, “Not Dark Yet,” giving the beloved song her own spin.

“The song is heavy. Anybody who knows the song loves the song,” Bonnell said. “It’s a surrender to some seriously sad shit. It’s about the end. Of what? That’s for each person to decide. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful.”

Bonnell recorded the song with producers Joshua Van Tassel and Chris Stringer.

“I think when performing a cover, you almost have to take the inspired feeling the original song left with you, and forget the rest,” Bonnell said. “The three of us sat down in a small room and just kind of let ourselves feel it.”

Listen to “Not Dark Yet” in the player above.

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