Video Premiere: Drew Holcomb - "Moon River"

Music Video Drew Holcomb
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We’ve gotten to spend plenty of time with the music of Nashville-based Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, whether we’re listening to their latest album or hanging with them on the back porch. Now, Holcomb’s spreading the good times and good tunes to fans and friends in a new way with Moon River Music Festival, an event curated by the band in Holcomb’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

“In my mind, my music is kind of inseparable from my hometown and my life growing up,” said Holcomb, and the lineup certainly reflects a loyalty to the sounds of the south. Including acts like Holly Williams, Will Hoge and fellow Tennesseeans Dirty Guv’nahs, Moon River Music Festival features plenty of acts who have shared the stage with Holcomb & the Neighbors.

“They’re all good friends, just people I’ve met along the road,” Holcomb said. “In my mind, it’s a little bit of a family reunion. From the artists’ point of view but also from the fans’: a musical family reunion of sorts.”

Moon River Festival’s family feel extends all the way to the name, which takes inspiration from the classic Andy Williams song that Holcomb and wife Ellie sing as a lullaby to their daughter, Emmylou. Holcomb says his fondness for the song dates back to his own childhood and an appreciation for the tales of Huckleberry Finn.

“That story, of all the stories and books I read as a child, probably left the biggest impression on me, and I think part of that was because I lived on the Mississippi River,” said Holcomb. “When I heard ‘Moon River’, at first I thought it was just a nice song, but then I started paying attention to the words and realized this song was about Huck Finn. I just love the words, that it’s kind of you and me against the world and we’re going to make it together.”

Watch Holcomb cover “Moon River” in the player above. Moon River Festival will be held in Memphis on June 7, and fans can pick up their tickets here.

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