Video Premiere: Robby Hecht - "The Light Is Gone"

Music Video Robby Hecht
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Robby Hecht – The Light Is Gone from Pilot Moon Films on Vimeo.

Robby Hecht’s honest songwriting earned him a flurry of positive reviews surrounding his latest release, a self-titled full-length out earlier this year. It’s his ability to capture the oft-inexpressible details in a relationship that make many of his songs really stick with listeners, a quality that’s perfectly exemplified in album track “The Light Is Gone.”

“I was listening to a lot of contemporary folk/soul music when I started writing this song. It concerns the point in a relationship when one person believes that the other is ready to move on even if the other is not yet conscious of it,” Hecht said. “There are so many non-verbal ways through which we express our feelings and intentions: body language, tone, and even small changes in our facial expressions can communicate unspoken shifts in thought and feeling. When you’re in an intimate relationship with someone, you become so familiar with their eyes, their gestures, their expressions, that you know when something has changed.”

Watch the video for “The Light Is Gone” in the player above.

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