Song Premiere: Steelism - "Cat's Eye Ring"

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Nashville band Steelism may be a new name to some listeners, but Spencer Cullum (steel guitar) and Jeremy Fetzer (guitar) are probably familiar faces. The two musicians met in Nashville performing with bands ranging from Caitlin Rose to Andrew Combs to Wanda Jackson. You may have even caught glimpses of Steelism right here at Paste, whether it was in our backyard session with Jonny Fritz or our setup at Newport Folk Fest with Rayland Baxter.

Now, though, Steelism is taking the spotlight thanks to a record deal with Single Lock Records and forthcoming full-length 615 to FAME set for release on Sept. 16. In anticipation of the release, the band has revealed the album’s first track, “Cat’s Eye Ring.”

“While we were writing for this record, I was listening to a lot of Ennio Morricone and John Barry film scores so I tried to sneak as much of that into ‘Cat’s Eye Ring’ as possible,” said Fetzer. Jordan Lehning’s wonderful string arrangements also helped bring this track alive. It’s our take on a Spaghetti Western Epic and we are hoping the listener will give it their own words and story.””

Listen to “Cat’s Eye Ring” in the player above.

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