Video Premiere: Jeremy and the Harlequins - "Right Out of Love"

Music Video
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New York rockers Jeremy and the Harlequins stay true to their vintage vibes in the new video for “Right Out of Love.” Despite the band’s impromptu formation—performing last Independence Day without a single rehearsal—their sound is anything but careless. Jeremy Fury brings his band’s sixties-esque strumming into the twenty-first century with lilting, energetic vocals. “Out of Love” is a song with disenchanted precision, a perfect backdrop to the video’s hitchhiking lovers.

“It’s a love song about falling out of love,” Fury clarified. “Most relationships don’t end in some climactic tragedy, they just end. It’s such a serious situation when two people break up. But anything taken too seriously usually has an element of humor to it as well, and that is the idea we are trying to present in both the song and the video.”

You can purchase Jeremy and the Harlequins’ self-titled EP on iTunes.