Album Stream: Faded Paper Figures - Relics

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Relics, the latest LP from Los Angeles-based indie trio Faded Paper Figures, is one catchy crop of tunes. Much like the meditative astronaut that adorns the album’s cover art, the band’s delightful pop is out-of-this-world yet grounded in self-examination. Faded Paper Figures cover a lot of territory here, from the escalating synth flourishes of “Real Lies” to the rambling power pop of “Not the End of the World (Even As We Know It).” But it’s all done with a mindful demeanor that suggests a honed self-awareness.

“To become a meditating astronaut, in our view, means using our technological and political tools to come to a more thoughtful, earth-saving perspective, realizing that our place in the cosmos is small, sacred, and fragile,” a statement from the band reads.

Stream the album in the player above. Relics arrives August 5 via Shorthand Records.