Video Premiere: Israel Nash - "Through The Door" (Live)

Music Video Israel Nash
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Texas-based singer-songwriter Israel Nash has a sound markedly influenced by the songwriting greats before him, but it’s not just the way he sketches out each song that makes his recordings so compelling. He first gave music-lovers a taste of his unique approach to studio work with his 2011 release Barn Doors and Concrete Floors, for which (as the imagery in the title might suggest) he recorded entirely in an old barn. With forthcoming album Rain Plans, he recorded once again in an unusual yet comfortable location: this time, his home.

“We recorded the whole thing with analog tape machines that we had to get from New York all the way down to Texas,” said Nash. “Just converting the house to a studio, kind of living in there for two weeks straight and making the record and not caring about anything else.”

The album’s content, too, was very much inspired by Nash’s recent move to Texas. Moving beyond the scenery of his country home, the emotions that drove Nash’s move make appearances in many lyrics.

“I lived in New York, I had been there for like five years and was kind of at a point where I was just ready to get out,” Nash said. “I had been to South By [Southwest] a couple of times, and I liked the weather and the vibe. I found a place in the country… I just fell in love with the place, the land.”

In this latest video from Nash, a live performance of album track “Through the Door,” he continues to toss around ideas about his new home and the love that fills it.

“I had been working on it, getting a tune, at a time when my wife was traveling a lot for work, and I was traveling,” said Nash. “And really the song and the whole album is so much about finding a home that felt like mine… I had a lot of time for a while where I would stay at home by myself, in the country. No one home. I’d get a little bit of cabin fever.”

Listen to the album version of “Through the Door” below, and check out a live video of Nash performing the track above. Rain Plans is set for release on Aug. 19 via Loose/Thirty Tigers.