Album Stream: Polyphonic Spree - Psychphonic

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Rock choir Polyphonic Spree returns this week with Psychphonic, an LP that pays homage to frontman Tim DeLaughter’s cinematic experience by taking the innovation of the band’s most critically acclaimed album to date, Yes, It’s True, and remixing it towards a more atmospheric sound.

“I always enjoy a date with my Linn drum machine. Once I set the mood and tone I go from there in terms of songwriting,” said DeLaughter in a press release.

Twenty-two members strong, Polyphonic Spree orchestrates an album that’s ambient without being dull, rhythmic without being repetitive. It’s fitting, since DeLaughter’s first instrument was drums: he says his first set was an assembly of empty Baskin-Robbins containers. In more recent work, he’s focused on drums as an underpinning for more integrated orchestral sounds. Violins, baritone sax, and piano accelerate the melodies on Psychphonic rather than accenting their own self-conscious solos.

Catch Polyphonic Spree on tour this summer, and stream Psychphonic in the player above before its release on Aug. 12.