Album Stream: The Soil & the Sun - Meridian

Music Audio The Soil & The Sun
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Meridian, the debut studio album from much buzzed-about act The Soil & The Sun out of Grand Rapids, Mich., arrives next week. On this release, the septet covers a lot of ground. From the almost orchestral backing vocals on “How Long” to the dynamic and unpredictable rhythms of “Leviathan,” the Soil & the Sun never seem to want to settle down, preferring to mesh competing sounds to craft an expansive collage.

Meridian is about life and death, mystery, love, selfishness, God, technocracy, sorrow, the end of the world, and the fate of mankind,” songwriter Alex McGrath says. “We hope you find some value in it-listen closely.”

Produced by Rick Fritz (Peter Cetera, Beach Boys), Meridian displays all the youth and vigor of a proper debut LP, but also the maturity of a band with grand, calculated ambition. Clearly, the Soil & the Sun like to expand their horizons, so there’s little doubt that we can expect plenty more from the band. Stream Meridian in the player above before its release on Aug. 19 via Audiotree.